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Great Danes
Welcome to Lakaya Danes! We are located on 5 Beautiful acres in Gig Harbor, Washington.  My name is Renee and I live here with my dogs who are my kids and my life. Chopper who is 11 years old and as healthy as a horse =). Over the years we have imported a few dogs from some of the TOP show kennels in Russia, Germany, Poland and Slovenia. We have several European imports here to cross with our Champion American lines.  Tabruka (Russian Import) who is our foundation European import, Bernard (Polish Import),  Obe (Slovenian Import). Then we have Roxy who is a beautiful daughter of Chopper and Chelsey, full sister to AKC CH Lakaya's Lady Lillian (who is owned and loved by Tia in Maple Valley). Also, sharing our home and farm are our 3 cats and our Horses. 

We are proud to specialize in TOP Quality European and American Great Danes. We used to breed both Harlequin and mantle coloration as well as the fawn and brindle coloration. We are now focusing on just our Harlequin/Mantle lines. Our Great Danes are carefully bred from color pure CHAMPION Lines. We DO NOT cross colors. We strive to produce quality Great Danes that are "Show" marked but first and foremost we breed for health, temperament, conformation, size and then color. 

Our lines include some of the best European lines including De La Benjamine, Des Terres De La Rairie, Moloseum, D'Iskandar, Oldbluz, Luizador, Del Castello Delle Rocche, Hollenstein, Allerdorfer Bach. 
As well as top American lines including Haltmeiers, Owlwatch, Michaeldane, Jerdans, Riverwood, BMW, GMJ, Rockbridge, Von Shrado, and Daneridge. You can view each one of our Danes and their pedigrees on their individual pages.

We offer a 2-year written health guarantee, this is something that we stand behind. Our reputation demands that we keep our word. BUT, There are strings attached. You must follow a few rules to raise a healthy and happy pet. Please visit our contracts/guarantee page for more on this topic.  

Owning a Great Dane is a BIG responsibility and should be given serious thought before purchasing. They shouldn't be bought as a "Passing thought", But should be a well thought out decision! Is a Great Dane the right dog for you?? CLICK HERE and find out. They are HUGE indoor dogs and are very much people dogs and LOVE to be around their people! And need alot of care, love and attention and can take up a entire couch!

I  invite you to take your time & have a look around. I hope you enjoy your visit and please come back to see us again! Feel free to drop us an email, we'd love to hear from you. Best of wishes and God Bless!

Renee Gossage
Lakaya Danes
PO Box 2386
Belfair,WA 98528

Lakaya Danes
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