This is our reference page,
I have included some emails from previous puppy buyers. We love to hear about our puppies and strive at producing super nice, top quality, healthy pups. Please let me know if you have any questions. I LOVE to talk Danes! =)

Hi Renee,
Sorry I haven't written in a while. Charlie has been experiencing his first winter for the last few weeks. He loves the snow and our mittens! He has done well with the cold weather. It has been very cold here in Edmonton. -22 Fahrenheit and colder with the wind-chill. We have a jacket for him, but his paws and legs get cold. In the mornings when we take him out he looks at us as if we are crazy to make him go outside! He gets his business done very quickly! He is such a goof and we really enjoy him. Such great entertainment! When we cook in the kitchen, his head rests on the counter. Before Charlie, I would not have put up with hair in my food. Now I just pick it out and continue eating or cooking. Our house doesn't stay clean like it used too!! Having Charlie is a great excuse not to clean! Oh before I forget, Charlie won the battle over the bed! He's allowed on it when we first get into bed, then he falls asleep and we push him off and onto his bed! I'll try and send some pictures soon!
Have a great day!
Shawnelle, Andrew and Charlie

Hi Renee,
Daisy is doing well... she is trying to learn a few things ( like not plowing over me down the stairs :) - she does really well on a leash. Is good at heeling and working on stay. She has done excellent with the potty
training - only a few accidents the first week She seems to learn very quickly when I actually work on stuff with her and sticks with me off a leash outside ( which is awesome ) .She gets along well with the other dogs - especially Vinnie - they are quite the thing barreling through the house. She actually wears him out. And she likes the ponies and goats and even the bunnies. ( which is awesome because I have a lot of wild bunnies around and this way she doesn't try to chase them )She is turning out to be a really good fit for our family and for what I was looking for. Oh and I found a food that seems to work really well for everyone ( just in
case you have other people looking for something they can find easily - I have them on Nutro - all natural Chicken rice and Oatmeal - for sensitive stomachs - it has 21% protein and 12% fat - no fillers no by products and its about $30 for 40 lbs ) all my dogs seem to like it and do well on it.
I will send you some pictures soon... roll of film is almost full :)

Hi Renee.
Henna is doing great and growing like a weed! She was just into the vet July 11th for a checkup and to get spayed. She now weighs 55 lbs and is 27" at the shoulder. The vet said she was on the low end on the weight and just right on the growth. He said because she is a giant breed dog that being on the slim side while she grows is good. She is absolutely great with the kids. She has learned that she can't "horse-play" around them, cuz she knocks the youngest ones over. She is a dream to train and I've had many comments about what a good dog she is. I've attached a couple pictures that I've taken just this month and the spay cert. If a scanned image won't work, please let me know and I will get your address and mail it to you.
I'll keep in touch,

This is Cody I just wanted to keep you updated with Harley. She is doing great, enjoying running around and playing with all the people and other dogs. Here are some pictures of her she’s getting really big! Thanks again

Just wanted to let you know that Lilly finished today in Portland – she is now CH Lakaya’s Lady Lillian. I will send you her picture when I get it in the mail.
Take care,

Bart started tracking classes Saturday. He loved it I could hardly hold him as the tracks were laid. When they first start they watch the tracks being laid. His Obedience is also coming along. He would have lost no points on his heeling one night when Dorothy watched him. His sits have improved but still need work. His Recall is fast but when he gets to me he jumps all four feet in the air it would look cool to jump up and then sit but he touches me and that he can't do. I am thinking of giving this move a name and using it to get him to do it on command as a Dance move. We are going to take a Dancing with your dog class. Also last week all the dogs broke there sit and down stays except Bart. When a lab took of running and the another lab etc. I was very proud of him. He visits 4 Nursing homes and is much loved, although he has not been to take his test yet to make it official. He is so happy, energetic, silly, and lovable. These are Christmas Pic from last year. Will seen National and others later

Hey Renee,
Lilly has really started to pick up in the ring. I have attached her win photo from last weekend - she beat 8 other bitches that day. She also won in Moses Lake yesterday - haven't heard back from my handler to see if she won today or not. She now has 5 points - woohoo!!! Her next show is in Northern California the weekend of the 26th for the Great Dane Specialty - hopefully she can pick up her first major over there.
Hope all is well with you - just wanted to share the great news.

Bart is doing great. Last time I checked he was 34" 135 lbs
He had Christmas pictures taken. I will send pictures soon. My in laws moved so I don't have use of a computer much. Guess I'll have to get one. He's been goofing off since Nationals. We are about to start back at it. I think in the spring we will start tracking. He visits 4 Nursing homes but I have to take him out of town now that he's a year, to test, I can't certify my own. He had 2 birthday cakes with a Harle on them one for Agility class. One for Daycare.

Hi Renee!
Everyone is doing great. We need to take pictures! Super has to be well over 100lbs now, he's bigger than most the Danes we see at the parks already, and only 7 mos, I think he's going to be a very big boy indeed. His head is filling out great, how gorgeous he is, wish I had time to show him, he's so great! Pip is doing well, still a devil child but we love her anyway's haha. I hope everything is going well I your end, we check your puppies page often and the little ones are getting so big and cute!

Sent an email last week my mother n law says she’s doesn't think it went because its not in an out box. So I'm sending again. Bart passed his Canine Good Citizen on July 24th. with flying colors. His is also taking private lessons with Dorothy to get ready for Nationals. He is doing really well she thinks the few issues he has are related to age/gangliness. He's the first dog I took the C.G.C. with that young, you have to be a min. of 6 mo. Also people have seen him doing his lesson waiting on class to start and can't believe how well he does. He heels very well his automatic sits are his issue. he is also going through a acting silly stage where he does such things as roll back and fourth with his legs every which way in the air. On his down stay .I tell him he’s not cute as I'm grinning. I will stop and weigh him today I missed last week due to work schedule. He was 96.5 last time. I also need to measure his height but he looks as tall as Izzy side by side she’s 32. I have a coupler and will soon start working them together for Brace. I seen your import you are going to use for size and his parents. I hope it is a very long time before I need another pup, but I know where it will come from.(You) .Will send Pictures soon of test.

Hi, hope everything is going well. RubyDoo is wonderful hard to believe she is two. Sorry its been awhile for pictures I am sending a few your way. One of our nieces is in love with Rubydoo we don’t see Jordyn very often but she walks around saying Ruby all day long. When we do see them Jordyn plays cars and all sorts of games with her. Ruby does not like the tape measure but if I had to guess she is standing about 34 at shoulders and weighs a little over 160lbs. I hope you enjoy the pictures. She also very much enjoys the water.
Carrie-Ann, Dave and Miss RubyDoo Too

Thank you SO much for the puppy toys for Seinfeld! He was so excited to see them and he sleeps with his blue bear :-) That was very nice of you. He is doing just great. He has a vet appt this afternoon. He is spoiled rotten by my family and students! I can't thank you enough for raising such a terrific puppy!!

Zach is doing very well.
I did start showing him when he was a puppy but only attended 3 shows. He won ribbons but I live so far north there are not many entries so it makes it hard to gain points I would have needed to do alot more traveling further south to get anywhere with him. I did enjoy it a little but the shows just wasn’t my thing and Zach didn’t seem to care for it he was a very difficult puppy. He hates to just stand and pose unless he is doing it on his own. So we stopped showing him and now he is just a house dog. I have attached a couple pictures for you. If you still want to use him on you web page feel free. The pics are from fall of 2009 he has put on a little more weight since then and is looking thicker(which I love).
Talk to you soon.

Hi Renee--
It's been a long time since I've contacted you; we have Miles-an Oksana/Hammer puppy (I hope I spelled her dam's name right). I just received a call from a photographer who 'discovered' Miles when we were at the Purina National Dog Challenge Finals in Oct. '08. She will be in the Brown Trout Great Dane calendars for 2011!! She will be in at least 2 calendars (we just did a search) are the the international calendar, she is in the yellow pasture (I think she's Miss July there); and (again yellow pasture, I believe she's in the October spot).
She's much bigger nowadays (she was only 10 months then)...she's only 110 pounds, but she's tall in our eyes...all muscle and bone....about 35" at the shoulder! And this link, shows all three calendars Brown Trout has for Danes, and we are waiting to see if she'll be in the Harlequin calendar also. Otherwise, all is really well with her...she's a great running partner, and is a rock star wherever we go....we took her dock diving over the 4th weekend at a local fair...she swam but wouldn't jump in! Oh well, it's a start :)....but there is nowhere we can go without someone taking a picture of her, stopping to ask questions, pet her, stop their car on the road to pet her even! She's a great addition to our home and we couldn't imagine it any other way. How are her parents? Have you kept in contact with Hammer's owners? I'm interested to see how they are doing also.Thanks so much for everything again, and looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Jessica and Brian
St. Louis, MO

Hi Renee,
Hope all is well with you. Here's a few pics of Samson and a copy of his neuter certificate. Samson has been a great addition to our family and has taken over the house. Him and Oso currently share four dog beds, a twin bed, and a couch around the house. Thank you for sending out the papers.
Take care,
Ryan & Hannah

Hi Renee;
I'm glad you got back to us! Bandit, as of 2 weeks ago is about 130lbs! I don't know how tall he is, but I've attached a few pictures... both from the holidays and just a random picture to show how tall he is against me (i'm 6'1"). How much does his dad weigh (Chopper)? We have 2 pics of Chopper and Bandit is growing up to look a lot like him! Bandit was neutered at 5 months and registered immediately with King County and the chip tracking people. He's definitely a very happy dog. As I mentioned, he gets to go to work with "dad" every day and gets all different kinds of social interactions. He still gets *very* excited when someone new comes around... and some of our friends are still getting used to how big he is. Whenever we're at the park or on Alki, we get stopped by people (he grabs a lot of attention!). I hope you and your family are doing well.

Hi Renee!
I have Lexus born from you 1/28/08 litter. Lexus is doing great and growing!! I absolutely love her. She went in and was spayed on June 12th. Do you want me to send you a copy of the vet bill showing this? Hope all is well with you.
Take Care,

Hi Renee,
Wish I got this sooner, I would have included it in the previous email! Here's Joker's National CH picture. I think it turned out pretty nice considering how horribly hot it was! Wish he kept his back legs a bit more out back but the grass was way too hot.

Hi again,
There's a lot of updates these few months lol! Just wanted to let you know Joker went to get his hips, elbows, heart, and thyroid OFA. Although we have to wait a few weeks for the official results, I did
get some preliminary ones! The lady who took them said his heart and elbows were normal. Thyroid had to be sent out and his hips would certainly get a good and have a high chance of getting excellent! She said they were very nice hips and didn't even compare to most Danes she does! So although we are waiting for the official results I'm very happy and excited with the feedback we got! And I'm crossing my fingers for an
excellent on his hips! =)Thanks!
Talk to you soon,

Hi Renee,
Sorry I haven't delivered this exciting wonderful news sooner, but shortly after the show I left for Europe for a few weeks, so I was very busy. However, Joker did pretty awesome at the show. He still needs some work (like learning to stand still for longer periods of time and allowing me to place his feet and then keeping them there) but overall, he kicked some butt. He got four 2nd's and four V-1's (which is the top score!!!!) AND he is now an International Champion!!!!!! I'm so proud of him! He really wowed the judges! Everyone loved him and I feel if he was a little older and more filled out they would have put him up for 1st in a second. =) We got new champion pictures taken and as soon as they come in, I will e-mail you copies! They should be great for your website to add another Lakaya CH! We will be moving to Los Angeles in June and will most likely be entering him in a few International shows out there so he can earn his National & Honors Champion. Plus it will give him more exposure and practice and then we will be taking on AKC!
Hope everything is well with you and your doggies!

Hi Renee,
Here are some pictures of Heidi (Chubbs) for you. She is doing GREAT! We all love her!
She hasn’t destroyed anything important, potty training is well under control (only one accident in the last month or so, our fault of course) She is great on the leash, comes when she’s called (mostly!) and is a BIG hit wherever she goes. We have even had dinner with her at a friends home and she settled in nicely.  She is a lover of comfort. She lies down and rearranges any blanket or soft spot on the floor, sneaks up on the sofa when we aren’t looking (or when we go out and leave her home to babysit the kids). She sleeps in her crate at night (no more night waking! She sleeps like a log from 10pm-7am…don’t even try to get her up) and returns to it to nap on her own during the day. Most of these pics were taken a couple of weeks ago, and you know she changes so fast. She is eating off the chart on the kibble bag (She’s about 60 lbs now), but is still slim and lean. She gets plenty of exercise on walks and impromptu off-leash time close to home, and we take her to the local dog park 3-4 times a week. She has quickly evolved from shyness to consistently engaging any dog she can in play. She can’t out run or maneuver most of them but she has a lot of fun trying. Her favorite dog park activity is to wrestle willing participants down to the ground belly up and lay down on them. Dominance by size and weight if not by speed or stealth! We learned of a Dane gathering held in Redmond every Sunday at 1pm at the big off-leash park there. On our first visit we met another harlequin pup just 10 days older than her. We have exchanged phone #s but have not met up again yet. It was really fun for the kids to see all the other adult Danes at the park. They were a nice group of people too.  We’ll keep taking her there on occasion so she can become familiar with the big Danes. I can see how it won’t be too long before her size might get to be an issue with some of the other dog owners at our off-leash area. She’s so exuberant, and the owners don’t always realize that she’s just a puppy, and they worry about their dogs well being. I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how happy we all are, and how happy Heidi is too.
Carol Ann

Hi Renee,
Just wanted to tell you Xena's Awards: National/International JU.A Champion, 2x Best of Breed Puppy, 1st Place (Gold) Working Group Puppy, Reserve Best in Show Puppy.

I was wondering if you could e-mail us again our puppies pedigree. We want to figure out a name for her so we can get her registered. I would like to see about getting her registered in the next month. I know that the kennel name needs to be part of her name as well. Alyssa would like to start showing her. We believe that we will go ahead keep her intact for Alyssa to take her into the showring.

I thought you might like to see a few update pictures of Memphis. Oneis of him playing with his best friend we met at the dog park, Remi theRhodesian Ridgeback, one is showing him stretched out which shows how
big he has gotten, and the rest are kind of funny. I hope you are doingwell and thanks again for helping me find a great four legged friend.Thank you,

Hey Renee,
Here are some pictures of London that were taken last night. She is getting so big so fast, and she has the cutest most feminine head in the world, its big but refined. We sure get ALOT of compliments on her.
Talk to you soon,

Good Morning Renee,
I thought I would send you a couple pictures of "Patches" now known as Prada. She is doing very well! She seems to be very happy and well adjusted to her new home. We are planning on having her spade in the next month or two, I'll send you the vet record when its done. Kate my wife and I were discussing how much her mother weighed and I went to check on your site but could not find the info, can you tell me how big she was, weight and height? Prada went to the vet again just after the 4th of july and weighed 45.5 lbs, our vet says she is growing well and at a good pace. Anyway, here is a recent picture...thanks again we could not be happier with her! The picture is her in her chair in our front office...she loves to sleep and watch the outside!

Hi Renee,
I thought I would let you know that our little girl Della has been doing really well. She is definitely a independent little girl who tends to take what she wants, which is rarely a “no” for an answer J She has had a few routine vet visits and has checked out just fine. She has gained about 12 pounds since we got her; putting her at about 35 pounds. Attached is a photo. We’ll keep you updated on occasion, especially since I love sharing pictures of our guys.Have a good week,
Milton, Ontario

Thank you SO SO SO much! Your dogs are stunning. Stunning!! We made it home, that's great! She did wonderful, no accidents, and she let us know when she had to go. So we would pull off the next exit and let her out and she would do her thing. She was a great girl in the car. On the way home we just broke all the kennels down and let the pups have the whole back seat, which they loved! She just met the cat, Octopus and he didnt budge like expected and she ran away. lol She ate dinner also and is ready for a good night sleep! In our bed! :) hahaha I am such a sucker! On another note, Gary's sister is very interested in her Harlequin sister. She is the one who has a standard dane male, who is two and he would love a playmate his size. She lives in Medford, so she is going to let us know and if she is serious, we will come get her and pay you. She'll just wire the money to us first and I will bring cash again. We are going to Medford on Sunday, so it would be inbetween then that she would need to make a serious choice. She is going to talk to her husband and I will send her more pictures of the mom and dad too and then they will see just how amazing they are. I will let you know for sure if she is interested, and could you let me know if that would work? Ok, I will send you pics of her very soon!! :) Take care and thank you again a million! We adore her!

Thanks Renee,
He is the best dog ever, no one can believe how well behaved and mellow he is. You are right, I am being a crazy mom, I have just wanted one and he so awesome, I don't know what I would if something was wrong with him. I have been to website you sent it is great. I guess I just needed a little reassurance. Seethe cute pictures I enclosed. I will send more later. Thanks again, Wendy

Hope all is well. Poney is doing good. He's solidly the best tempered dog that I've ever owned, and Arlynn and I treat him like our kid. If you would ever need a testimonial or something we'd be happy to tell people how happy we are. Thanks.

Just wanted to let you know Levi is still doing great, and getting Big. He is such a love.  Thank you again and again for him. We just love him. He is an awesome boy. I will recommend you as a breeder to anyone. Your pups are great.
Thanks again,

Good morning Renee,
I hope all is well out in Washington. My girlfriend Jessie and I purchased a female merle mantle from you last spring (Wrigley), and I wanted to thank you again for all your help. She is such a sweet dog, with a great disposition and we couldn't be any happier with our decision. We have been meaning to send you some pictures of her for months and will try and get those to you asap. Sincerely,

Hi Renee,
I wanted to let you know that Dallas was neutered this week. Would you like me to make a copy of the paperwork and mail it to you or I can scan it and e-mail it to you. He weighed in at 90lbs on Monday and is doing great! We've been taking him to the sport fields for games and practices and he's wonderful with all the children and very well behaved on the sidelines. He is a joy to have and is turning out to be one of the best dogs we've had. Hope to hear from you soon,

hey Renee.....
I just want to say thanx for blessing us with such a wonderful pup...we LOVE him. he's doing just fine, considering he now lives with a bunch of hairy ,yappy yorkies. haha We now remembered why we do our dogs in pairs,,,,so they have another their own size to play with. maybe we should have gotten the lil girl that Bill was so smitten with, too. haha  I'll send pics of Zinobie when the weather is more cooperative. talk soon,

Hi Renee!
I hope you received the little video Peter took of Mister and I chasing around on the ball field - he had a blast! Today he was sitting in the sun, just outside the garage, looking like he was feeling "all that". So attached is the most current photo - today,10/24/10, Mister at 6 months old and weighing all of 92.4#.  We are thinking maybe in a year or so, and when Mister comes to his name more consistently and doesn't ignore us, we may be interested in getting a female mantle. Absolutely NO interest in breeding - just want a mantle. Thought I'd throw that out there. We love him so much!!
Hope all is well in your part of the world!

Hi, just wanted to give you an update. Leopold is getting along well with his new brother. Here are picts from the last few weeks. He weighed 50 lbs a couple weeks ago. Is that comparable to his siblings?
Hallmark cards shot the two of them about a month ago, so I will let you know if I see cards come out!
Thanks again!

Hi Renee!
Hope things are going well. We saw on your website that you still had puppies left and if you would like to use us as a reference, we'd be happy to talk to anyone. I tried to talk Jim into letting me get Peanut, but it didn't work LOL. Sweet Pea is growing by leaps and bounds. I think she grows every day! LOL And she has the sweetest disposition! She loves sleeping in our bed with us and gets along well with Hansel and is best buddies with our little Bishon NumNum. I tried to get some pics so that you could see how she's grown, but I am having trouble getting her to stay in one spot long enough LOL unless she's sleeping!
I'll see what I can do outside next time. Take care and we'll send more soon.

Hi Renee,
I brought Titus to the vet and he is great. They couldn't get over how big he is, lol. He weighed 21.8 They only had good things to say about you (the breeder) on your immunization card to how healthy he is!!

I hope all is well. My wife and I bought a Merle Dane pup from you about 6 months ago. He was from Tink/Luna's litter. We had him fixed this summer and forgot to send you the papers. Our daughters named him Haloti after a player on the Baltimore Ravens. I was not big on the name until I found out it means strong and smart in Tongan. He is 8 months old now about 29"-30" at the shoulder and around 130-140 lbs. He is healthy as can be and is a lot of fun. You did a great job on the breeding!

Hi Renee,
Just wanted to let you know Milly passed her CGC! I have the paperwork to send into AKC to get her certificate and once I get it back I will send you pictures and a copy. She did very well and is now moving onto Advanced Obedience. I am not sure how far I will take it as Obedience was not on the agenda, but it has turned out to be fun. Hope things are going well.

Hi Renee
Faith is doing funny, gorgeous and sweet as can be! I'm getting ready to send you her spay cert so that I can get the paperwork to register her. Attached is a picture of her and my husband at a PDXDanes' picnic we attended a couple weeks ago. It was so amazing to see that many Danes in one place.

Today we got our puppy spayed, and i attached a copy of the certificate and a picture of how big and healthy she.
thank you,
The Rahbergers

Hi Renee!!
Here are some new pics of Apollo. He went to the vet on Saturday (he turned 4 months old). The vet said he is doing great...excellent bone structure and he weighs in at a healthy 59 lbs.

Hi Renee,
How are things going? Thor is doing well. Growing steadily and very smart. He’s so quick to learn especially if there are treats involved J He sits, lies down, fetches (but doesn’t quite give yet), shakes and waves. He’s doing really well learning how to be around the horses and also plays with my sister-in-laws Papillions. He is learning to be careful around the little ones. He weighed 47 pounds at his checkup last week.
Warmest regards,

Hi Renee,
Just wanted to send you some pictures of Faith. The files are kind of large so I hope I don't crash your computer. She is such a happy puppy and has become buddies with the 6 year old Springer which is what I was really hoping would happen. It took him a while to accept her but now he is having loads of fun with her. She is also a very smart puppy; thankfully she already is getting the idea of going outside to potty.

I just wanted to thank you again for giving us such a beautiful dog! We named her Cayenne, and she has adjusted pretty well! almost potty trained and gets along very well with our son and our min pin. thanks again, and ill send some pics when she gets little bigger
The Rahbergers

Hi Renee -
Just wanted to let you know that our puppy is doing great. He is now registered with AKC as,
"Lakaya's hero of the ages, Kal-El". In case you're wondering, Kal-El is the Kryptonian name of Superman. We weighed and measured him @ 5 months. He was 29" @ the shoulder and 104 lbs. At 6mos. he was 30" but too heavy to weigh:). I'll try to get you some pictures soon.

Hi Renee:
Just thought you'd like an updated picture of Norm (formerly Zeus). He just didn't fit the name Zeus but definitely fits "Norm." Loving and he is adorable. Hope all is well. Take care. Roberta

Just wanted to send a quick note letting you know how SIRI, our new pup, is doing. She has become a family favorite and has been very good so far. She has only had a few accidents in the house, however two were our fault as we thought she was sleeping and she was roaming. She sleeps a lot right now, but has been more playful everyday. My little minpin, Pebbles, wasn't sure of what we had done, but is coming along nicely. They will even lay by each other now. SIRI, scandanavian name for beautiful victory, has had her first camping trip in the mountains and has made many friends on our walks out doors. She is well-behaved and listens most of the time. She is growing already. When we took her into the vet, she weighed 28 pounds. I think she has grown longer each day. Anyway, we have enjoyed her so far and know she will need some good training, but we look forward to having her in our home