Buyer Beware
Before you buy your special puppy please do your research to determine you are buying from an ethical breeder. There are many breeders out there just trying to make a buck, breeding substandard animals. Do your research!
1.) It is always best to view the puppy and parents if possible (at least the dam) in person before you purchase.

2.) Always ask to see BOTH pedigrees of parents before you purchase the puppy. Even if you are only looking for a pet, you want a well bred healthy pet. If there are no Champions listed on the pedigree, Take caution.  "CH" Listed before the dogs name on the pedigree means that this dog has gone to shows and been judged and won several time under several different judges, therefore you know it is a good specimen to breed and comes from good breeding stock.

3.) Do they give a health guarantee on their puppies? If not Why? Do they not believe in what they are producing?

4.) If they used an outside stud one not of there own, ask to contact the stud owner BEFORE you purchase the puppy!! AND CONTACT THE STUD OWNER! (To make sure they did indeed use their stud.)

5.) How are their dogs and puppies kept, What condition are they in?? Look and follow your gut instinct.

6.) How do they socialize their puppies? It is important for them to be used to loud noises, different scents, objects, Textures (grass, linoleum, carpet, dirt, water,) animals, people, sounds, nail trimming, ear cleaning, car riding. Etc The more they do the easier it will be for you!

7.) What age do they let their puppies go to their now homes??? New puppies need to stay with their mothers for 8wk's for proper  socialization and to learn proper social skills with other animals. Do your reading. It is recommended that puppies stay with their mom at least 7wk's if not 8wk's. Please do your research and reading prior to taking your puppy home. (Please see my LINKS page for some good info.)This will save you a headache in the long run, the worst thing you can have is a dog that is afraid of everything, because that will soon turn into fear biting. They what do you do?

8.) Ask for references.

9.) Even if you do not want to get a Great Dane from a RESCUE Check with them and ask if they have had dogs come in from that breeder........ If they know the Breeders NAME (Not just Kennel name, it is easy to change that!) Than think twice, even if the puppy seems to be perfect! NO Reputable breeder will let there dogs enter a rescue, They are responsible for the puppies they produce will take back any dog at any time and re-home them. Only buy from a breeder who offers a lifetime return policy and REQUIRES you to contact them in the even you have to place your dog.

10.) Do they hide behind there kennel name? Beware if they don't give you or list their Full name, but only list a kennel name....... Kennel names are easy to change.

11.) Call the AKC Ask about the breeder by name and kennel name.... ask if there have been any complaints about them..... Are they in good standing with the AKC??

12.) Do an AKC online Pedigree search on the dogs name and registration number.......

13.) Do they really care about the puppies or is it just about the money? A low price does not always mean they care about the puppies, How many do they have?
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