This is Lexi, She is a wonderful girl who is just perfectly marked. I just LOVE her facial markings!! She is a BIG Girl! Standing 33" and about 135#'s Lexi has been spayed and now lives with a friend of ours as a big couch potato and queen on the house! Click on the link above to see her pedigree, she comes from a mix of German and American lines.
We co-own two beautiful Harlequin females out of Lexi that we hope to have some beautiful pups out of one day!
Lakaya's Sucha Knockout

AKC Reg.# WS15326601
Lexi napping in the bed. 12Wk's
Lexi at 3wk's old
Lexi 3wk's old
Looking pretty! 12 Wk's
Lexi, Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping we do alot of that!
Lexi At 5Mo. Playing out front.
Can't ever get enough rest! 5Mo.
What a pretty girl! At just 6Mo!
Such a sweet girl! She loves her rug!
Growing up nice! Next to Chopper and Kaya!
Sporting her new bandana!
Plying in the yard, 7Mo old
Lexi Playing tug with her friend Raja
Lexi pictured July 18th 2007 standing next to a yard stick